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You are required to hold a public service vehicle (PSV) operator’s licence to operate a vehicle for hire that can carry 9 or more passengers, or to operate a smaller vehicle carrying passengers and charging separate fares for the journey

Technically, The PSV licence was abolished in 1992 and replaced with the PCV licence. There are however no real differences between these two licences. If you hold an older version of the PSV licence, it is are still valid today, but these are not issued by the DVLA (driver & vehicle licensing agency). The training for a PCV licence is the same as it was for PSV, it is just the name that is now different. The change of name was brought about with a view to bringing modernisation to the licensing industry.

If your vehicle is parked in a garage or depot, is being driven between two depots, or is temporarily not on the road, you will still need a PCV licence. It only stops being a bus when you permanently stop using it as one for example, if you take your vehicle out of service and adapt it for another use, such as driver training.

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