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Asbestos Awareness In Road Transport Cat A & B


An Industry Recognized Qualification + 7 Hours Drivers CPC Periodic Training

Drivers completing this course will achieve the industry recognized Cat A Asbestos Awareness Certificate valid for 1 year and 7 Hours drivers CPC.

Every employer must make sure that anyone who is liable to encounter asbestos during their normal work, or who supervises those employees, gets the correct level of information, instruction and training so that they can work safely and competently without risk to themselves or others

  • What is asbestos – a description will be given about what asbestos is, the varying types and the history of its uses.
  • Where asbestos is found – particular emphasis will be given to the types of environment in which asbestos is found and where it will be discovered by the variety of building trades. Lots of pictures will be used as examples to ensure delegates have the best opportunity of being able to relate to the various situations.
  • Health effects – a discussion of the negative impact upon the lungs (lung cancer, asbestosis, pleural plaques, pulmonary function impairment) and other organs gastrointestinal tract, etc.
  • Risk assessment – identifying hazards and risks in the typical workplaces where asbestos is likely to be found.
  • Principles of control – understanding some simple strategies for controlling hazards and reducing risks.
  • What the law says – having an understanding of what the law says about the use, removal and disposal of asbestos.

Contact with asbestos material is hazardous to everyone. Transport staff including drivers and loaders must be able to identify dangerous material. This course will provide the knowledge and practical skills to ensure that procedures are carried out safely, efficiently and in compliance with Health and Safety regulations

Operator’s Licence Compliance Audit Service

Compliance with Transport Operator’s Licencing Regulations not only keeps us legal – it helps to keep our drivers and our vehicle operations safe. The effectiveness of transport managers and the systems they have in place for managing drivers hours, tachographs, records, vehicle safety and maintenance inspections are business critical, and have a direct influence on your Operator Compliance Risk Score (OCRS) A robust audit will test the procedures and systems in place at your site against DVSA compliance expectations. It is found that systems are often outdated and records inadequate or incomplete. A formal report will be provided on the effectiveness of the arrangements in place. A feedback session will inform management of any shortfalls and under performance with guidance provided towards rectifications as required. Please contact us for an initial informal discussion

Alcohol Risk Management in Road & Passenger Transport

Every transport operator must understand the risks of alcohol use and the effects of this in the transport workplace. This risk must be managed in an effective and consistent manner. We will develop your Company Policy and Procedures for  the Management of Alcohol Risk In The Workplace. Your policy will describe how this business critical risk is managed, specify the procedures used to monitor compliance, and deal with any issues in a robust and consistent manner . Once an effective policy has been implemented, we will visit your site to carry out random alcohol breath testing. Testing is carried out under robust and rigorous methods, using Home Office Approved technology aligned with current law enforcement standards. Almost 18% of all drink drivers are caught the morning after the night before and this trend is rising, Don’t leave it to chance – protect your drivers and your O’ Licence


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