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Large goods vehicles (LGV), also known as HGV, are vehicles that transport and deliver goods and raw materials throughout the UK and overseas. They move everything from foodstuffs to fuel.

In the UK, vehicles carrying cargo, were previously termed, and are still commonly known as, HGV’s (Heavy Goods Vehicles), although for synchronisation with other European Union member states, this term was officially changed to LGV (Large goods vehicle).

The answer to ‘What is HGV/LGV?’ is a complex question to answer, as the explanation of HGV/LGV is very extensive, even in the first instance. The UK sits under the regulations of the European Union when it comes to professional drivers, so to answer the question ‘What is HGV/LGV?’ it really is that it is many things. There are numerous licences and vehicles which fall within the HGV/LGC category.

You can be assured and confident that you will be able to gain your HGV/LGV licence by training with us at CPC Training Services safe in the knowledge that you can become a qualified and professional HGV/LGV Driver.

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